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July 1, 2024 | Erika Luis

The E- Future Begins at Ferrari with New E-Building

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Maranello’s new e-building is where the sports cars of tomorrow will be produced.

Erika Luis
July 1, 2024

Ferrari's latest manufacturing facility, dubbed the e-building, marks a significant leap towards enhancing production flexibility and integrating diverse powertrain technologies. This state-of-the-art plant not only manufactures critical components like high-voltage batteries, electric motors, and axles essential for Ferrari's performance differentiation but also serves as a hub for optimizing the entire research, development, and manufacturing process.

Benedetto Vigna, Ferrari's CEO, describes the e-building as more than just an "electric" facility. It symbolizes the integration of various operational elements to achieve optimal efficiency in every aspect of Ferrari's production journey.

Environmental sustainability is at the core of the e-building's design philosophy. It boasts over 3,000 solar panels generating 1.3 MW of power, with plans to transition to 100% renewable energy by the year's end. Innovative solutions for energy efficiency and rainwater reuse ensure over 60% recovery from battery and motor testing processes, redirecting it towards new operations. Moreover, the construction of the facility revitalized an existing site, minimizing land consumption and enhancing Ferrari's campus environment.

The e-building prioritizes employee well-being with ergonomic workstations, relaxation areas, and dedicated training spaces. Collaborative robots and digital twin technologies support workers, optimizing their roles in the manufacturing process. Ferrari's commitment extends beyond its workforce to the local community, evidenced by ongoing investments in urban redevelopment projects, new infrastructure such as a redesigned road network, and a dedicated bike path spanning 1.5 kilometers.

Architected by MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects, the e-building showcases a striking design featuring a blend of opaline and clear glass façade. This design maximizes natural light during the day while emitting a lantern-like glow at night. Adhering to Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) principles, the building ensures both cost efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

Ferrari's e-building embodies a harmonious fusion of technological innovation, environmental responsibility, and community engagement. It stands as a new benchmark for the future of automotive manufacturing, demonstrating Ferrari's commitment to pushing boundaries in sustainability and operational excellence.