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Bacchelli & Villa Inaugurates Restored Facility Under MAG

By October 31, 2018 No Comments

On the evening of Monday October 29th, Bacchelli & Villa opened its doors for the first time of the newly renovated state of the art workshop under the Mattioli Auto Group ownership. A number of clients, partners, friends and employees from all-over the world responded to Giacomo Mattioli’s invite to witness the beginning of a new chapter in the shop’s rich history. Helped by a glass of local Lambrusco and a bite of Parmiggiano, attendees were able to tour the entirety of the carrozzeria, observe all of its practical and cosmetic improvements and assist to a demonstration of panel beating during the evening.

In a brief speech, opened by thanking guests for attending despite the stormy weather, Mr. Mattioli outlined the importance of providing his craftsmen with an exceptional work environment, which in turn commends excellence in their daily work. He emphasized his love for the craftsmanship native to his hometown and the desire to propel it into the future by teaching the next generation.  Right after, one of our masters, helped by two apprentices, awed the public by demonstrating how the 250 GT Lusso filone structure is used to model and beat the body panels into shape.

Under the newly configuration, every work area hosted a classic car in the different stages of restoration. At the entrance, guests were welcomed by a restored Lamborghini Miura SV, as well as a showcase aluminium body of the Ferrari 250 LM. Indoors, in the assembly bay, a completed red Ferrari 275 GTB long nose stood side-by-side a red Maserati Mistral Spyder. In the bodywork area, a Dino Sport Prototype occupied the graphed table, while a bare body 275 GTB was mounted on a bridge. Next to it you could find the start of the night, a full hand built 250 GT Lusso wireframe mounted over an original chassis. Two more Lamborghini Miuras, two Maseratis and a Ferrari completed the display.

Now, we can officially say that a new era is under way for the Heritage of Craftsmanship!